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The beautiful thing about the Internet is that it is constantly changing and morphing into a new creation. The playing field rearranges itself regularly as the players modify, upgrade, optimize, and rewrite. Google adjusts a symbol in an algorithm somewhere in the basement in Menlo Park and a factory in Kazakhstan loses position in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and goes out of business. A little-known Senator from Illinois launches an Internet campaign unlike anything seen before in politics and rises from relative obscurity to the presidency of the United States in less than two years.

Use the Web to Your Advantage

The Internet is a powerful tool you can use to your advantage if you understand how to generate and distribute information and use web services to your advantage. On the other hand, the Internet evens the playing field and can work as a powerful, almost unstoppable force against you if you don’t have a comprehensive Internet strategy. It is imperative to make your space and defend it relentlessly against your detractors, your competition, and your critics. If you spend money on no other information products and services, you need to spend money on establishing a strong web presence that causes you to show up first in Google searches and Yahoo searches. In the world of Internet search, falling to the second page is like not having a website at all.

Show up on the First Page in Google Searches and Yahoo Searches

Having a presence on the web is easier now than it has ever been. Unfortunately, simply having a presence is no longer good enough. If your site does not present an accurate reflection of your company and show up on the first page in Google searches and Yahoo searches, you are losing revenue. If you don’t come up in the first few sites in a SERP when potential customers search for your most profitable products and services, you are losing revenue. If your competition shows up ahead of you in your city, county, or state, you are losing revenue. It is not enough merely to be on the Internet anymore. The web has become a new marketing venue where knowing how to show up on the first page in Google searches and Yahoo searches can make a fortune or break a mature business.

Search Engines are Replacing the Yellow Pages

Almost everyone with a computer and an Internet connection realize that search engines are the new phone book. We don’t look at the Yellow Pages anymore, we go search the Internet for facts, products, services, and just about anything else we’re looking for. The fact is that the majority of searchers on the Internet, even sophisticated searchers, don’t look past the first SERP on any given search string. If the searcher doesn’t find what she is looking for on the first page, she alters the search string and searches again. The only people who go to the second page are those looking for their own site. Don’t let that be you. If you are not on the first page for search terms that drive sales for your business, you are losing revenue and market share.

Increase Web Traffic and Drive Sales

At Leader DMT, we are experts at deploying effective web strategies that take into account web design, web architecture, and effective web content. We are trained in search engine optimization and can put together effective search engine marketing campaigns aimed at generating ROI immediately. Almost anyone can put up a website these days, but very few understand how to make your site work for you. Contact us today to discuss the web services and strategies we can help you implement in order to increase web traffic and drive sales.

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